Growing up in the African Safari Industry we knew all about gruelling conditions: wild animals, scavengers, baboons, elephants, hyenas, marauders, searing heat.

We grew up on canoes, boats, safari trucks, bush aircraft. Our journeys covered vast distances. And our days were all about adventure: camping, hunting and fishing. Campfires and laughter. Adventures with friends. Exploring. Pushing for new frontiers on rivers, lakes, beaches. We grew up living adventurous lives.

But as our adventures became longer, the conditions became tougher as it was practically impossible to store, protect or chill the food and stores we travelled with.

Overcoming the Challenges of Adventure

Adventuring in the wild you are only as strong as your equipment. You are in the animal kingdom. Sometimes our supplies would get raided by baboons and hyenas. Our food would spoil as the ice melted. Our beer would get warm because the existing coolers that were available just couldn’t handle the adventure: they broke easily, didn’t keep ice for longer than a day, were easy to spill, got raided by ants, hyenas, baboons, elephants and people.

That’s why we came up with BOBO. We wanted seriously tough coolers that were able to handle the seriously tough conditions. We wanted mission-critical tactical gear that would set us free to explore and have fun.

BOBO is our range of Premium Adventure and Safari Certified Coolers that bring freedom and independence to adventurous, fun loving people who want to be able to rely on their equipment and not be let down by it.

Our coolers are mission critical, Premium Safari and Adventure Certified Coolers that are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Made from superior food safe materials, built to exacting standards, our coolers are guaranteed to set your adventure free!

Set adventure Free

The boating, fishing, camping, partying, holidaying, travelling, adventuring cooler.

Whether you are setting off on a grand overland camping adventure, or simply going shopping on a hot day, or heading to a tailgating or sports party, or going to friends for a bbq, our range of products has the cooler for your mission.